Franconia’s oldest wine town

The oldest document in the Bavarian Public Record Office is a note of the gift by Karl the Great in the year 777 a. d.. It is written down, that the Crown Estate of Hammelburg was handed over to the monastery of Fulda. At this time the Estate included eight vineyards around the town. According to the record Hammelburg is the oldest wine-producing town in Franconia.

Saaleck engThe long history of the town has left many traces for the visitor of today. One example is an old castle named “Schloss Saaleck”, which stands high above the baroque monastery and the town. Insinde there is a hotel and a restaurant, where you can enjoy a glass of dry, vintage wine accompanied by a “Häckerbrotzeit”, which is a typical Franconia meal made of traditional sausages, meat, cheese and bread. While spending your time there, you have a view over the valley and the river Saale that flows by the side of Hammelburg.

Herrenmuehle enA visit to the town museum -the “Herrenmühle”- gives an insight into the local history of two important commodities – bread and wine.

Another subject of interest is the church named after “Johannes dem Täufer”, built in Gothic style. There you can see a lot of fresco, old tombs and wall paintings.

You shouldn’t miss to visit the Garden of the Red Castle (“Rotes Schloss”), a beautiful place to relax.

Rathaus enThe small town itself has many cobbled and twisted lanes. The marketplace and the fountain of the early renaissance are located in front of the neo-gothic facade of the old town hall.

North of Hammelburg is a beautiful countryside called “Rhön”. Many walkers are attracted by the long and wide paths and the pure nature.


Hammel enThere are many celebrations all over in Franconia during harvest time. Every village and every town have their own annual wine festival. A speciality of the region is the unfermented, fresh grape juice – the “Federweissen”.

The events of Hammelburg are an occasion for having a good time. You can join a colourful and traditional market that is very popular to many people even coming from far away. The old-timer car rally is another attraction known all over Germany.

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